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Thursday, 10 January 2013 16:01

For a limited time, Alameda County homeowners looking to lower their utility bills and enhance home comfort can qualify for $1,500 in rebates for energy-saving home improvements through Flex Package.

Rebates are available on a first-come, first-served basis to owners of single-family homes in the county, and are offered through Energy Upgrade California.

To qualify for Flex Package, homeowners must simply install two or more qualifying measures with a combined point value of 100 or greater using an Energy Upgrade California Participating Contractor. More advanced improvements are worth more points.

Qualifying Flex Package energy efficiency measures include:

• Replace heat pump (85 points)

• Install wall insulation (70 points)

• Install Energy Star windows (60 points)

• Replace central air conditioner (40 points)

• Install programmable thermostat (5 points)

• Wrap hot water heating pipes (5 points)

• Install efficient lighting fixtures (5 points)

“For Alameda County home-owners considering home improvements in the new year, the Flex Package is a great reason to incorporate energy-efficiency upgrades at the same time,” said Wendy Sommer of StopWaste.Org. “It offers homeowners the flexibility to choose the energy improvements that make the most sense for their home and budget, and to earn $1,500 in rebates.”

For more information about Flex Package and a list of Energy Upgrade California Participating Contractors, visit



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