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Thursday, 10 January 2013 17:07

011013n5By Jim Knowles

San Leandro Times

If you’re thinking of starting off the new year with fresh air and your blood pumping, check out the Cherry City Cyclists.

The club is having rides and a meeting this Saturday at the Manor Branch Library. The two rides start at 9:15 a.m. sharp, followed by the meeting and lunch at 12:45 p.m. The shorter ride will go to Alameda, and the longer, hillier trek will wind over to Palomares Road in Castro Valley.

But it’s not a race. The Cherry City Cyclists are about travel, fun and meeting people on rides. They have something for every type of bicyclist, from short rides on the weekend with a stop at a local coffeehouse, to long-distance cruises in the mountains and the desert.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a beach cruiser or a high-tech racing machine, the club is open to everybody on two wheels.

011013n6“We don’t care what you bike is, just inflate it with air and come on down,” said Vicky Ma, the club’s president.

You come across things on a bike ride that you never knew were there.

“We go all over, cycling is like a traveling adventure,” Ma said. “We’re like tour guides, too. You see things you typically don’t see and you go places you typically don’t go. So it’s cool.”

At Saturday’s meeting, the club hopes to hear from other cyclists on where they would like to go. It’s a small enough club that the trips can be tailored to fit the skill level of the riders.

“Give us feedback so we can plan our year,” Ma said.

The ideas can develop into rides or workshops and clinics on bicycling, which might cover things from changing a flat to packing your bike for airplane travel.

The club has about a hundred members all together, and anywhere from 10 to 30 usually turn out on each weekend ride.

On the long-distance rides, Ma said sometimes new riders are a little intimidated, but they shouldn’t worry because the club brings along a van. So if a bike rider reaches their limit, they can hop in the van with their bike and take it easy.

The more experienced riders in the club go on serious rides, such as the alpine ride up by Lake Tahoe and the 508, a 508-mile ride through the Southern California desert. And Ma goes up to the Northwest each summer for the Seattle to Portland ride.

But the club is for both experienced and beginning riders.

“We are a small enough club that we can cater to all cyclists needs,” Ma said.

People are welcome to go on the ride Saturday or just come to the meeting at 12:45 p.m. If rain cancels the ride, the meeting will still go on. If a chance of rain makes the ride questionable, you can check by calling 813-6690.

CAPTION 1: Cherry City Cyclists members Michael Jay, Eva Fallis and Michael Hill prepare for a ride.

CAPTION 2: Vicky Ma will lead a ride on Saturday with the Cherry City Cyclists.




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