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Two Bystanders Shot, One Dead, At Bayfair BART
Thursday, 24 January 2013 10:17


Two people were shot at the Bayfair BART station.




By Amy Sylvestri

San Leandro Times

Two innocent bystanders were shot — one killed and one wounded — during a shootout at the Bayfair BART station on Saturday afternoon.

The man who was killed was Kenneth Lee Seets, a 50-year-old Fremont man.

A girl was taken to the hospital for wounds that the police say were not life-threatening.

Both Seets and a girl were caught in the crossfire in what police think was a gang shooting, according to BART police Deputy Chief Ben Fairow.

Fairow said that Seets and the female victim were not involved in the fight that led up to the shooting, which was captured on surveillance video.

The shooting happened near a bus stop in front of the Bayfair station after a fight broke out between two groups who ran into each other outside the station, according to Fairow.

Fairow wouldn’t confirm at this time that the shooters were gang members but said the shooting had the earmarks of gang activity.

One suspect was arrested on Saturday afternoon in connection with the shooting. His name hasn’t been released by the police.

Fairow says there was more than one shooter and that BART police have information on at least three other suspects, but they aren’t making the information public at this time.

The Bayfair BART station remained closed until after 6 p.m. Saturday after the shooting.

On Tuesday afternoon, police presence at the Bayfair station was greater than normal, with at least five uniformed officers milling the parking lot. The shooting took place only yards away from a BART police substation.

BART passengers said that despite the shooting, they felt safe riding the train.

“It’s scary, especially because it was random and you can’t know what people are thinking,” said BART passenger Jacob Richards. “But I’m not really worried.”



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