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Wednesday, 30 January 2013 11:11

By Robert Souza


The public will have a chance to weigh-in on the future makeup and role of Castro Valley’s Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) during a series of meetings to be scheduled over the next few months.


The MAC has long sought real decision-making authority over local issues similar to that of the county’s Board of Zoning Adjustments.


That will be one of the “local governance” issues to be discussed at five meetings of the Eden Area Livability Initiative, a project launched in 2004 by Supervisor Nate Miley, with the goal of improving the quality of life in the western part of Unincorporated Alameda County.


The MAC’s members are currently appointed by Supervisor Miley. But that, too, could change. Another topic to be confronted in the Initiative’s meetings is the call for electing the members in a bid to become more like a city council.


“Castro Valley is at the table big time for governance and is very engaged,” said Miley who explained 800 people were involved in the first round of meetings. He looks to increase participation to a thousand residents in the future.


In all, Miley has scheduled 39 meetings between now and July to deal with such other issues as economic development, public safety, education and public health in the county’s Eden Area, which comprises Castro Valley, Ashland, Cherryland, Fairview and San Lorenzo.


A steering committee meeting will be held from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. this evening, Jan. 30, in Oliver Hall at Eden Congregational Church, 21455 Birch St., Hayward.



Visit for more on Eden Area Livability Initiative.



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