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Says Police Warning to Kids Not Good Use of Tax Dollars


In last week’s San Leandro Times, Efrem Fleming (“A Dad’s Word of Thanks to The San Leandro Police,” Letters, Jan. 24) makes reference to tax dollars being well spent in reference to his sons being let go with a warning after allegedly spinning “donuts” in a commercial parking lot.

Without an actual witness to the incident, the officers could not legally issue a citation.

With bold armed robberies at Wal Mart and Home Depot occurring in the city, the actions of his sons took up the time of four police officers who otherwise could have been looking for things of a more serious nature. Instead, they end up they end up baby-sitting.

Mr. Fleming if you think this is an example of changing times and tax payers dollars being well spent, you need your head examined!

Bob Oliver





Citizens Buying Guns Called ‘A Very Damn Good Thing’


Elie Parker is back, this time revealing what I always knew, that the gun-controllers’ “assault rifle ban” is a fraud and that their objective is Elie Parker’s “gun-free society.” But this is also a big fallacy because these people have no objection to the state being armed to its teeth.

What’s next? Banning all chemistry classes and books so nobody would make bombs? What about banning all metal shops to prevent the productions of swords, knives, daggers and so on?

Actually, criminals mostly get their guns illegally or steal them. Also, many of the suppliers are police officers and military personnel.

Most of these progressives –supporters of Barack Obama and his plan to map-out who owns guns and dreaming of establishing a “1984” – are the same ones who supported armed struggle in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Chiapas, Mars and Jupiter, but when it comes to the United States they trust the guns to the state.

Parker and Billy Trice, Jr. also believe that the Second Amendment is obsolete. Of course none of these hypocrites would suggest that it be put to the vote of the people. These are the kind of Democrats they are.

California Attorney General Kamela Harris recently announced that the state confiscated 10,000 guns in less than two months. There you have it.

On Saturday, January 12, tens of thousands of U.S. citizens flocked to gun shows to buy guns. This is a very damn good thing; it shows that most U.S. citizens don’t trust the guns in government’s hands.

Progressives on the other hand want to disarm the people and to keep the military and police have the monopoly on violence.

Leo T. West

San Leandro




Calls Armed School Guards a Scary Prospect


The NRA and others think that gun control is a waste of time and infringes on their Second Amendment rights. They believe a single bullet by a school official against an automatic weapon can stop a massacre.

Columbine had two armed law enforcement officers but that did not stop a massacre. Adam Lanza’s Mother owned guns, knew how to use them, but they did not save her life.

In some states, school teachers are actually being trained to use guns and being allowed to carry concealed weapons.

I think it was the winter of 1977 when I went to Germany. I was 23-24 years old. I transferred to a Lufthansa German Airline and flew to Frankfurt am Main. There were only about three of us on the plane. I felt like I had my own personal stewardess.

In the airport I saw these very young looking men in uniform carrying what looked like machine guns, automatic weapons walking around the airport. I found it very scary because I knew if something happened, bullets would be flying, there would be chaos, people running and people shot. I later learned that there was a problem with terrorists.


As a young adult, I found armed security with automatic weapons scary and it did not make me feel safe. Do we really think an armed school fortress is the answer and will make our children feel safe?

Why is it hard to believe that gun control has worked in other countries to stop or lower the amount of gun massacres but that it cannot work in the United States?

I was relieved to hear the Vice President say “It would be a terrible mistake to put armed guards in our schools as the NRA suggested.”

Go to YouTube, White House Hangout with VP Biden on Reducing Gun Violence.

Kathy Starzenski

San Leandro





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