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Thursday, 31 January 2013 16:15

By Amy Sylvestri

San Leandro Times

Some of San Leandro’s rough roads will soon be smoothed out a bit, as the City Council approved a plan to repave over 20 streets around town.

Some streets will be sealed, others resurfaced and sealed, depending on the level of wear.

The city doesn’t’ have the funds to to a complete overhaul, so will begin with streets determined to need it the most, according to Uche Udemezue, the city’s engineering and transportation director.

Between the new asphalt on some streets and the maintenance sealing of others, the project will cost about $2.3 million and be paid for through county Measure B funds as well as gas tax funds.

City roads are rated on a zero to 100 point system called the Pavement Condition Index (PCI).

The average PCI in California is 68, considered only “okay,” but San Leandro’s average is 54, according to Udemezue. There are 391 miles of city-owned roads in San Leandro and that PCI of 54 is one the lowest in the Bay Area, he said.

Last year, the city’s engineering department estimated that repaving all the city’s roads up to a “good” PCI of 85 would cost $127 million over five years. To improve to 62, it would cost $49 million. To just maintain a 57 PCI it would cost $35 million; and even to allow the PCI to fall to 49, it would still cost the city over $1 million per year in maintenance.

The streets that will be repaved include portions of Fargo Avenue, Begier Avenue, Dowling Boulevard, MacArthur Boulevard, Wicks Boulevard, Broadmoor Boulevard, and Floresta Boulevard.

The city is now accepting bids on the project that will begin later this year.



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