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Thursday, 31 January 2013 16:22

013113n4By Amy Sylvestri

San Leandro Times

San Leandro police have compiled final crime statistics for 2012, showing that crimes is up 8 percent over 2011.

An average of 12 serious crimes occurred each day in the city – 4,409 in total last year.

Robberies happen at a frequency of once every 32 hours in San Leandro – a total of 273 were reported in 2012, up 26 percent from the previous year.

In January, San Leandro police have recovered six guns during routine traffic stops. San Leandro police Lt. Randy Brandt says that many of these gun arrests are likely suspects in other crimes, including robberies, so it is vital that they be kept off the street.

All of the robberies are not armed heists at stores. The total includes anything from muggings to violent break-ins of homes in the middle of the night.

Street snatchings of gold chains and cell phone from someone’s hand are a crime Brandt says is gaining momentum throughout the Bay Area.

And at least five armed home invasion occurred in the city this year, including one in September where a family was held hostage for nearly an hour by multiple armed suspects.

The San Leandro police complied the year-end totals for nine different categories of serious crime in 2012.

The statistics show a daily average of nearly two burglaries, more than two cars stolen, and six cases of larceny in San Leandro.



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