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Lingering Questions About the SLUSD Health Center


I feel there are several questions left lingering about the SLUSD health center that need to be addressed.

If the district just asked for emergency funds in the form of Measure L, what sense does it then make to go and ask the city for a $1.1 million loan for a non-essential project?

Why attempt to make any sort of extra profit off of the district if everyone in the council, including the mayor, knows how broke they are? It should make no difference whether the money is earning less than one percent interest in the bank or in the hands of the district, at least on a moral level.

What happens if the district stops receiving outside help to fund the center? Will San Leandrans have the option to close the facility as opposed to shifting valuable funding to keep it open?

Will birth control be offered in any form at the facility? Though similar health facilities have some wiggle room when it comes to assisting minors in this department, throwing a school district into the mix makes things a bit murky. The SLUSD has to ask permission just to teach our kids sex ed, after all.

Those are just a few things I’m wondering about. I think anyone else with similar questions should let the district know. Write This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call the super at 510/667-3522.

Robert Marrujo

San Leandro




Applauds Officials for Creating Student Health Clinic


I would like to applaud Superintendent Cathey and the city council for their foresight and care in approving the creation of a student health clinic connected to the high school.

Having worked for years supervising teachers at various Oakland Unified School District school sites that have health clinics, I have seen first hand the major benefits of such services for the overall health, safety and attendance of students. We are fortunate to have such a student focused superintendent as Cindy Cathey whose vision and care guide the school district well. Thank You.

Linda Lazzeretti

San Leandro





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