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Thursday, 28 February 2013 16:05

Neighbor Stops Teen Burglars

A neighbor averted a burglary Monday after alerting cops to three young men climbing over a fence into someone’s backyard.

Around noon, the neighbor called police and reported three suspects were climbing into a yard on the 15000 block of Marne Street, according to Lt. Randy Brandt of the San Leandro police.

When officers arrived, they found a window of the home broken, indicating that the teens were going to try to burglarize the place. Police caught the suspects nearby.

Police believe the teens were the same three young men who had been seen loitering around a residence on Burkhart Avenue earlier the same day.

The suspects – two from San Leandro, one from Oakland – were all taken to the Juvenile Justice Center.

Panhandler Gets Greedy

A man panhandling was arrested for robbery after stealing from someone who was going to give him some money Thursday afternoon.

A man was sitting in his car on San Leandro Boulevard near Williams Street just after 1 p.m., when the suspect approached and asked for money.

The man took some money from his shirt pocket and was going to give some to the suspect, but the panhandler grabbed the entire wad of cash and ran, according to Lt. Randy Brandt of the San Leandro police.

A nearby officer spotted the suspect and arrested him after a brief pursuit on foot, Brandt said.

Drunk Dude at the Door

A man was arrested for public intoxication after trying to get inside a residence that wasn’t his on the 1100 block of Brookvale Drive Saturday at around 6:30 p.m.

The family who was home called police because they believed they were about to be the victims of a home invasion robbery, according to Lt. Randy Brandt of the San Leandro police.

It turned out the man thought he was at his own home. He was taken into custody for being drunk in public.





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