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Friday, 18 February 2011 09:14

By Brittany Cassimus


The first in a series of weekly columns focused on the impact of school district budget cuts on the students, sponsored by Save Our Schools Castro Valley! ( and local businesses.

I am asking the community of Castro Valley to support our schools during this difficult financial crisis. With budget cuts threatening our schools, I am asking for any help you can give. In order to save our sports programs in the Castro Valley Unified School District,we need everyone in the community to help.


Sports have always been vital for the students in our schools. They help students live a healthy lifestyle, teach them social skills, keep them safe, and some even receive college scholarships.


Our sports programs have very important health benefits. Students benefit from all the exercise they get when they play sports. With the increase in juvenile obesity and diabetes in our country, playing in sports keeps our students healthy and fit.


Another benefit of sports is that they provide students with the skills they need to succeed. Students learn many life skills from playing sports. Some of the skills they learn are leadership, compassion, problem solving, determination and how to handle life’s disappointments and successes.


Also, students that excel in sports can obtain sports scholarships. For most students, receiving a scholarship is the only way they will afford college. It would be a shame if even one student missed out on a scholarship because of cuts to our athletic programs.


Who knows, one of our students could become a professional athlete or participate in the Olympics. That will never happen if the sports programs are eliminated.


I ask that you please support the programs at our schools and make a donation to SOSCV!  It would be an injustice to the current students of Castro Valley to be without a sports program.  So please donate any amount, so that your student, your neighbor’s student, and every student in Castro Valley can play the sports they love.


Save Our Schools Castro Valley! is committed to preserving and building upon the excellence that we have in our fine school district.  Take action now!  It will take community donations for Castro Valley to save what we have and continue to move forwards and not backwards.  Go to to donate and make an impact on your community!



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