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By Matthew Kuan
5th Grade, Independent Elementary School

A weekly column focused on the impact of school district budget cuts on the students sponsored by Save Our Schools Castro Valley! ( and local businesses.

It is important for households without children in our district to support the schools for the following reasons.

First, a school district is an essential part of our local community.  Housing prices are determined by how good the schools are. If you support your schools around you, the students will most likely get higher STAR test results, which improve schools’ API ranking.


Since more families will want to move into a school district with high API scores, your house value will definitely rise.


Second, good schools can bring about peace and safety to everyone in the community. Educated students will be less likely to rob, vandalize or commit other crimes. When all families support the schools, school will have enough resources to help students who have learning and behavioral challenges. These students will become more responsible citizens in the future, which will benefit everyone in the community.


Third, more families with good education and income will come into a community with good schools and safe environment. A prosperous neighborhood depends on a population that is educated and well behaved.


Lastly, more people with good education will bring more income to the community. Increasing businesses will come into your local society, which brings more convenience to everyone.


In conclusion, it is important for households with or without children to support local schools. Better schools will raise property values, improve community safety, bring in families with good education and high income, and draw more businesses.


Everyone will greatly benefit from the improvement of the schools. Please support this noble cause!    

Save Our Schools Castro Valley! is committed to preserving and building upon the excellence that we have in our fine school district.  Take action now!  It will take community donations for Castro Valley to save what we have and continue to move forwards and not backwards.  Go to to donate and make an impact on your community!



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