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Thursday, 23 October 2014 15:28

Police arrested a man last week for allegedly groping two young girls at two stores.

On the evening of Oct. 13 at 7:45 p.m., police say a man entered the Walmart at 15555 Hesperian Boulevard and followed two sisters around the store.

The suspect inappropriately touched the older sister, who screamed, scaring him away, according to Lt. Robert McManus of the San Leandro police.

Minutes later, at around 8 p.m., the suspect entered the Target at Bayfair mall and allegedly touched another young girl before her mother confronted him and he ran away.

On Wednesday, after police posted surveillance footage of the man, an off-duty Berkeley police community service officer spotted a man matching the description from the video at the 7-Eleven on the 15100 block of Hesperian Boulevard.

Police tracked  the man from the 7-Eleven to his job at a parking garage in San Mateo and placed him under arrest.

The man who was arrested has been identified by police as Christopher German, 20. He was charged with two felony counts of lewd acts and is currently being held at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin in lieu of $200,000 bail.


Mugging Victim Says Thanks PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Thursday, 23 October 2014 15:28

Sonia Garcia had her purse snatched as she was walking in the parking lot of the CitiBank on the 1300 block of East 14th Street downtown Monday afternoon.

That’s enough to ruin anyone’s day, but Garcia says the mugging actually left her feeling positive after four good Samaritans stepped in to help her out.

Right after the purse was snatched, passersby William King, Raul Rico, and Matt Castro snapped into action, following the suspect and giving the police his description. The man was arrested hours later, Garcia said.

That evening, Garcia received a call from Gloria Florez who found the purse outside her home on Joaquin Avenue. Surprisingly, only the cash was missing and the thief didn’t take jewelry and other valuables that Garcia had in the purse.

“It shows that if everybody out there pulls together and looks out for each other, it’s better for everyone,” said Garcia. “It’s a good practice.”


SLPD Report: 10-23-14 PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Thursday, 23 October 2014 15:27

Pot Bust at Smoky Home

Three men were arrested for an illegal marijuana growing operation earlier this month when the pot was discovered after police were called to investigate reports of smoke coming out of a home.

On Oct. 10,  at around 10:45 p.m., smoke was coming out of the home on the 400 block of Linnell Avenue. The officer who arrived to the scene smelled an odor of marijuana, according to Lt. Robert McManus of the San Leandro police.

Inside, officers discovered 380 pot plants and 64 pounds of processed marijuana. Outside, they discovered more than three pounds of pot in a parked car. The estimated value is $465,000.

The men, age 39, 34, and 20 and all San Leandro residents, were arrested and charged with cultivation of marijuana for sale.


Cop Shoots at Suspect on Woodlawn PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Thursday, 09 October 2014 15:00

By Amy Sylvestri • San Leandro Times

A San Leandro police officer shot at a suspect who rammed his patrol car early Sunday morning, but it is unknown if the suspect was hit.

A uniformed officer patrolling on the 13600 block of East 14th Street spotted a person driving recklessly at around 4:30 a.m., according to Lt. Robert McManus of the San Leandro police.

The cop tried to pull the suspect over, but he would not stop, leading the police officer on a high-speed chase for a about 2 miles into a residential neighborhood on Woodland Avenue.

The suspect turned his vehicle around on the Woodland Park cul de sac and accelerated to ram into the pursuing officer, McManus said.

The patrol car was hit head-on, causing moderate damage to the car, but the officer was not injured.

The officer fired at the driver in self-defense, McManus said.

The suspect drove off and police do not know if he was hit  or injured.

Police are not releasing the name of the officer involved in the shooting, saying only that he is a veteran officer and that he has been placed on a paid administrative leave for up to three days, as is policy when an officer fires his or her weapon.

The suspect remans at large. Anyone with any information about the crime is asked to call the San Leandro police at 577-2740 or the department’s anonymous tip line at 577-3278.


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Thursday, 09 October 2014 14:59

CHP and Sheriffs Break Up Car Theft Operation

The California Highway Patrol joined forces with Alameda County Sheriff’s officers and other law enforcement agencies to shut down a “chop shop” in Oakland that was processing stolen cars from all over the East Bay.

On Sept. 30 at 8 a.m., officers conducted a search at an undisclosed address where they found two men in their 20s who were arrested for receiving and possessing stolen property and probation violations, according to Officer Daniel Hill of the CHP.

The officers found five stolen cars with switched vehicle identification numbers, tools, and other evidence. Both suspect are being held without bail and are scheduled to next appear in court on Oct. 15.

Woman Reported Missing Found Safe and Sound

A San Leandro woman was found safe after being reported missing by her family last week.

The woman, 34, was reported missing last Monday after not arriving home two days previously.

Her cell phone was found on a BART train, prompting relatives to call the cops.

She was found safe on Tuesday evening about a day after she was reported missing, according  to San Leandro police.

The police say no foul play was involved and the woman appeared to have left home by her own choice and purposely did not tell her family and friends of her whereabouts.


SLPD Report: 10-02-14 PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Thursday, 02 October 2014 18:39

High Speed Chase on I-580

California Highway Patrol officers have arrested a man after a car chase that started in Castro Valley and went though San Leandro befroe ending in a crash in San Francisco last week.

The chase began around 11 p.m. last Wednesday evening on I-580 when Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies tried to a pull over a driver and passenger in a speeding vehicle.

The pursuit was soon taken over by the CHP.

The chase stretched from Castro Valley, over the Bay Bridge and into San Francisco reaching speeds of about 110 m.p.h. before the driver exited at 5th and Harrison streets and the pursuit continued on San Francisco city streets, according to the CHP.

The chase ended at 24th and Capp streets, where the driver collided with another car, the CHP said.

A person in the car that the suspect collided with suffered a minor injury.

The driver then fled the vehicle on foot but was quickly apprehended and was arrested for felony evading of police.


Stabbing On Lewelling, Arrest Made PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Thursday, 25 September 2014 22:58

By Amy Sylvestri • San Leandro Times

A man was arrested for attempted murder last week after allegedly slashing his friend’s throat.

Witnesses called police after seeing a man walking around bleeding from his neck and a patrolling sheriff’s deputy spotted him near a gas station at the corner of Lewelling Boulevard and Washington Avenue, according to Lt. Robert McManus of the San Leandro police.

Paramedics took the man to Eden Hospital in Castro Valley where he was treated and released. The victim, 41, suffered two cuts on the front and side of his throat, each two to three inches long.

The victim told police he had gotten into an argument with a friend named Elroy Gomez that turned into a physical fight and the suspect took out a knife and slashed him.

Police found Gomez at his home on the 900 block of Kramer Street and surrounded the house with the help of the Alameda County Sheriff’s department, McManus said.

Officers called Gomez, 31, and demanded that he come out of the house. He did so and was arrested.

McManus says that evidence, including blood, was found inside and outside of the Gomez’s home.

The Alameda County district attorney’s office charged Gomez with attempted murder involving great bodily injury and he is currently being held without bail at Santa Rita jail in Dublin and is scheduled to enter a plea at the Hayward Hall of Justice this week.

SLPD Report: 09-25-14 PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Thursday, 25 September 2014 22:24

Teens Found with Fake Gun at the Mall

Police confiscated a BB pistol that looked like a semi-automatic handgun from a group of teens at Bayfair mall last Sunday.
Officers were called to the Wing Stop restaurant at the mall just after 3 p.m. after a report that five teenage boys were passing a gun around, according to Lt. Robert McManus of the San Leandro police department.

The gun was discovered to be a BB gun and officers confiscated it because it was a look alike of a real gun and the cops also contacted the parents of the teens about the danger of the situation.

The teens were all 16 and 17 year olds from Antioch and Oakland.

McManus said that officers recover look-alike firearms on a regular basis.

Additionally, McManus said that the San Leandro police have seized 88 real firearms so far in this year, 63 in criminal investigations and 15 for safe keeping in domestic violence and mental illness investigations.

Car Thief Nabbed While Napping

An alleged car thief was arrested last Sunday afternoon when a resident reported someone sleeping in a car.

Police arrived on the 200 block of Julius Street at about 1:30 p.m. and found the man still asleep in the car, according to Lt. Robert McManus of the SLPD.

Officers discovered that the car had been reported stolen from Oakland a few days earlier.

The suspect was also found to have arrest warrants out for him, including one for auto theft.

The 37-year-old San Francisco man was arrested for grand theft and possession of burglary tools. He is currently being held at Santa Rita jail in lieu of bail totaling $85,000.

SLPD Report: 09-18-14 PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Thursday, 18 September 2014 14:37

Man Exposes Himself to Middle School Student

A man allegedly exposed himself to a Bancroft Middle School Student last week as the girl was on her way to school.

On Sept. 10 at around 7:50 a.m., a female student was walking on the 1400 block of Bancoft Ave. when a man in a parked black sedan called her over, according to Lt. Robert McManus of the San Leandro police.

The girl approached and saw that the man was exposing his genitals, and she ran away to the school where she reported it.

Officers searched the area, but the suspect got away.

The suspect is described as a white or Hispanic male in his mid 20s with an average build. He was wearing a black cap and eye glasses and had a beard.

Police are asking anyone with any information or who may have seen the suspect or been approached by him to call the criminal investigation unit 577-3230 or the anonymous tip line at 577-3278.

Assault Rifles Found at Pot Grow House PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Thursday, 11 September 2014 12:05

After a two month-long undercover investigation, San Leandro police made three arrests in a marijuana growing operation, which included the discovery of assault weapons that were made to look like toys in addition to the drugs.

The investigation began after an anonymous tipster told police that homes on the 14500 block of Maricaibo Road and the 2100 block of Marina Boulevard were marijuana growing sites, according to Lt. Robert McManus of the San Leandro police.

The investigation led to the police obtaining search warrants, and the raids were both conducted last Thursday, Sept. 4.

Police found a 30-year-old man at the home on Marina Boulevard and inside discovered two partially assembled AK-47 rifles with orange plastic tips placed over the barrels, which are used to distinguish toy guns.

In the home, the cops also found three AR-15 rifles with missing serial numbers.

McManus said the guns can take 30-round magazines which can pierce body armor, making them illegal to own.

The suspect had keys on his person which opened the door of the Maricaibo Road home and police also had a warrant to search it.

Inside they found two more male suspects, a 30-year-old and a 24-year-old. The police caught them in the act of harvesting marijuana plants, according to McManus.

There were additional pot plants in the home’s bedrooms and garage, with a total street value of $119,000, police said.

Officers also found $45,556 in cash and eight pounds of fully processed marijuana.

Additionally, the PG&E electrical panel in the Maricaibo Road home has been illegally tampered with, creating what McManus called a “dangerous electrical issue”

All three suspects were arrested for drug charges and theft of electrical power. The Marina Boulevard suspect was also arrested for possession of assault weapon.

All three were released on bail totaling $290,000 and are scheduled to appear in court this week.

— By Amy Sylvestri

SLPD Report: 09-11-14 PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Thursday, 11 September 2014 12:03

Cash for Stolen Gold

Two men were arrested for burglary after stealing jewelry from Bayfair mall and selling it to a cash-for-gold store.

On Sept. 2 at noon, a 25-year-old Richmond man entered John’s Jewelers in the mall and presented the clerk with a fake identification card and asked to look at a $3,000 gold necklace.

When the clerk handed the suspect the necklace, the suspect fled the store on foot and got into a car being driven by an accomplice, according to Lt. Robert McManus of the San Leandro police.

The police looked over surveillance footage and identified the getaway car. Additional officer found the car parked in front of a cash-for-gold shop in East Oakland. The cops watched the men leave the shop and then pulled them over on the 1400 block of 66th Avenue.

The store clerk identified the suspect and he and the 23-year-old Oakland man who was driving were both arrested.

Suspect Threatens Cop

A man threatened a police officer with a tool last week after officers approached a pair of suspects for behaving suspiciously near a school.

Two officers were driving on Williams Street on their way to interview a witness in another investigation on Sept. 3 at around 8:30 a.m. when they spotted the men near John Muir Middle School.

The officers said the men were looking at the students who were arriving for school and also looking at parked cars nearby, according to Lt. Robert McManus of the San Leandro police.

The officers approached the men and stopped them to question them. One of the men was wearing a heavy coast and reached inside the pockets while backing away from the officer in spite of being told to stop. The other man complied with the officers.

The man in the coat turned to run. One cop stayed with the compliant suspect and the other chased the suspect that was fleeing.

The man in the coat ran for about five blocks, when he stopped and took an awl out of his pocket and took what McManus called “an aggressive, fighting stance.” The officer who was chasing him was about 20 feet away. He took out his gun and the suspect thew the awl over a nearby fence and surrendered.

Both men were found to have warrants and were arrested.


Man Beaten in Front of His Home PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Thursday, 04 September 2014 12:35

A man was beaten and robbed by passersby while standing in front of his home and talking on his phone Monday morning.

On Sept. 1 at around 2 a.m., the man was standing near his home on the 700 block of Barri Drive when three suspects approached him, according to Lt. Robert McManus of the SLPD.

One of the suspects punched the victim and the other two  grabbed his iPhone and then all three ran off.

The phone was found thrown into some bushes in a neighbor’s yard down the street.

The suspects are Hispanic men, age 17 to 20 and all wearing black pants and hoodies.




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