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“Sentinel Tree” by Castro Valley artist Bev Lindsay, part of the exhibit “Brushstrokes” at the Gladding Gallery at the Adobe Art Center until the end of December. The Gladding Gallery is open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday - Saturday.




By Winda Shimizu


There is a lot of conversation about buying local produce, knowing where our food comes from and how it is produced.


But how about buying and promoting local art, getting to know local artists and how these masterpieces come to be.


A.R.T., Inc.’s mission is to promote local and creative artists that produce outstanding works that are displayed throughout Castro Valley and adjacent communities.


The recently remodeled Gladding Gallery at the Adobe Art Center displays “Brushstrokes,” 11 amazing oil and acrylic paintings by Castro Valley resident Bev Lindsay.


You can also view more of Lindsay’s watercolors at Bank of the West in Castro Village until the end of December. Both shows will delight your senses.


Next door to the Gladding Gallery, the Adobe Art Gallery is presenting the 35th Annual Area Artists’ Juried Exhibit, showcasing pieces from 75 local artists through Dec. 1


“I was struck immediately by the great variety and high energy of the works in general, and I have to confess that I would have liked to take a few home with me,” said Janet Jones, juror of the exhibit at the Adobe Art Gallery. “I would have had to give a dozen more honorable mentions in order to do justice to all the work that really spoke to me.”


The Mona Froyland award was presented to Patricia Devitt’s oil, “New Growth.” Merit awards went to Judy Calder, Robert Chavez, Phil Denst, Takako Hickey, C. Lee, Edward Ortman and Elizabeth Zunio.


Honorable mentions went to Myriam Espinosa Aguirre, Robert Chavez, Patricia Devitt, Takako Hickey, Kate Jordahl, Collen McCrystle, Maude Pervere and Victoria Sheridian.


And there are more exhibits to enjoy: Attila Czigleni at the Castro Valley Library until Jan. 3; Pat Devitt at Dino’s Restaurant until Dec. 3; Ellen Bailey and Barbara Berner at the Kenneth Aitken Community Center until Feb. 12, with an artists’ talk at 11 a.m. this Tuesday, Nov. 13; and Stanley Stadelman and Michael Belew at the Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center until Nov. 17.


What a blessing it is to be surrounded by a quality group of artists.  Local art, local venues, and local art enthusiasts that are eager to experience the creativity that is produced right in our town.



Winda Shimizu is publicist for AR.T., Inc. For more art activities and information visit

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By Paula Evans

Is completing your educational goals on your priority list?

Are you planning on entering the military or higher education system and need your GED?


Are you looking for work due to a job layoff, but did not complete your high school education?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of adults take the GED test in order to get jobs, further their careers, earn promotions, or qualify for education or training programs like those offered at a career or community college.

Passing this exam earns you a certificate that the majority of colleges, training schools, and employers in the nation recognize to be the equivalent of a high school diploma.

Believe! Achieve! Receive! Whatever the reason a person has for not receiving a high school diploma can be transformed into opportunities to succeed and achieve for their future.

Castro Valley Adult and Career Education High School Diploma and GED Test Preparation programs serve over 250 students each year ranging in age from 18 to 55 years. The classes are flexible in structure, with delivery and class times established to accommodate students’ life demands.

For some students, enrolling in the High School Diploma program may amount to making up a small number of missed credits. For others, taking the GED Test may be the best option. Careful attention and counsel is provided to each new student to evaluate transcripts as well as family and work obliga

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